THE PROJECT. In the community of Giulianova, in the province of Teramo, we launched in 2005 a new Tourism project with groups of structures that consist of camping, and hotels which give new life to the project of "Recommended hotels with the extra effort for the environment".

Particular attention for the environment and for the natural resources is a choice that the Baltic Hotel is carrying forward because we are deeply convinced that small attentions are enough to preserve the beauty and the health of out territory. We pay particular attention to the following:

  • Produce less garbage: we participate in the collection and the recycling programme, utilising empty drinks and detergents that are non toxic and we prefer to use glass materials that can be recycled, also to reduce wastage.

  • Reduce the energetic consummation of the water heating system. For this reason we have installed accelerator for the water flow in the showers and the taps.

  • Save energy. We try where possible to use energy saving lamps and we ask our clients to keep container to a minimum the clothing that needs to be washed, especially in the bath.

  • We implement food that are more healthy of substances (pesticides and chemicals). We prefer fruits and vegetable that are cultivated in a low pesticide environment, of which we know the environment.

  • We value the local traditions and the specialties of the territories. We propose typical local dishes with recipes that originate from the times of out grandmothers, which are prepared with products of our territory. Every week in particular we organise an evening dedicated to the Abruzzese theme under the pine trees.

  • Containment and reduction of noise, through the installation (in the rooms where this is possible) with soundproofing as are the doors and the windows. We invite our guest to the sound of silente. Above all in the wellness area, where you can relax and most of all at night!

  • We advertise your marvellous grounds, which is rich with history, culture, and traditions. We also organise excursions with tastings of oil, wine, cold meats at the agricultural farms.

We teach our staff and our guests the philosophy of our territory, we do this together with all the Eco-hotels of Giulianova who joined the project which is co-ordinated by Legambiente.