Our relax oasis… il “Posto delle Emozioni”

An oasis of peace situated in the heart of a green park, covered by the shade of the pine tree where there is a concentration of infinite natural elements all around: sun, light, warmth, water and air. "The place of emotions" An oasis of health and well-being that is welcoming and well recommended , where you can enjoy a pleasurable of vacation of wellbeing.

In out well-being centre you can experience an encounter with one-self, finding the individual internal equilibrium of harmony of the body and mind; A place where you are able to cultivate the pleasures of a the scriptures while sipping an aperitif based on natural products; also enjoying the place of contact with others, with the possibility of special moments of socialising and relaxing in a melodious surrounding.

Le Prossime Vacanze passatele a Riccione Alloggiando all' Hotel Dory Our expert masseuse and physiotherapists are available to advise and present moments of well-being thanks to the new natural therapies, from yoga, soft aerobics to shiatsu. To conclude the well-being course there is a delicious buffet dinner based on biological products which will is served in the gazebo under the pine trees.

Relax your mind and listen to your body.
Our proposals revolve around those who wish to find the equilibrium of their physique and to enter into contact with their inner well-being

Global relaxing massage
consists of recharging of new energy and lightness for a sense of total well-being

Shiatsu Massage
ideal for the energetic circulation, bringing the entire energy circuit on the cardinal points of the body using a method of pressure.

Aromatherapy massage
take advantage of the benefits of the essential oils.

Energising massage
this allows the removal of the energetic blocks which cause psychological and physical disturbances.

Californian massage
this exerts a beneficial effect of the body and mind. It originates from the oriental anti-stress.

Sorseggiate una Tisana Rilassante At every session we offer relaxing herbal teas, de-toxin and energising drinks

Well-being, Sport e Nature with our programme "Well-being in Movement"

A programme full of appointments that have been well researched for those who wish to mix the pleasure of their vacation with the pleasure of movement and for those who are looking to stay in shape: an occasion for socialising while having fun at the same time.

Rilassarsi e Divertirsi: il resto, fave voiPilates permits the association of the stretching principals to those of the toning principals. It revolves around those who would like to deepen the knowledge of their bodies.
At “posto delle emozioni”.

Rilassarsi e Divertirsi: il resto, fave voi Toning gymnastics  concentrates on the firming of the muscles and to improve the muscle tone. It is an exercise which is more concentrated on women.
At "posto delle emozioni".

Rilassarsi e Divertirsi: il resto, fave voi Water Gym this if for all those who love water gymnastics In the swimming pool.

Rilassarsi e Divertirsi: il resto, fave voi Spinning: for those who love doing cycling sports, trained or not.
In the pineta.

Rilassarsi e Divertirsi: il resto, fave voi Surfing e Canoe:   windsurfing courses available, complete surfing and canoe lessons consisting of theory and practical which are held near the BSA School accompanied by specialized instructors. On the beach.

Rilassarsi e Divertirsi: il resto, fave voi Muscle Awakening: it has been proven that gymnastics in the morning contributes to releaving stress. On the beach.

Rilassarsi e Divertirsi: il resto, fave voi Excursions: we offer long walks along the mountains routes for the whole family, in collaboration with the Mountain School - Mountain Evolution.

Rilassarsi e Divertirsi: il resto, fave voi Cyclist Itinerary : we offer long walks and cycling courses on mountain bikes, with a professional guide.