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A precious family hotel situation on the long beach of Giulianova a few kilometres from the centre, this year it has become part of the Italy Bike Hotels I.B.H.circuit , the first chain of Italian hotels for cyclists, it offers exclusively for this summer the "FORMULA BIKE", for those who are passionate about two wheels for those who wish to mix the pleasures of their vacation with the movement pleasures.



The first small mountains anticipate an astonishing site of the Abruzzese grounds, for the biker it offers and incredible variety of street courses and off-road courses, which is adequate for every type of sportsman and every level of training. Courses that unwind along the rich territory of history and tradition that can be found in the most beautiful part of the Parco del Gran Sasso, Monti della Laga: Civitella, Campli, Castelli. Recommended medieval Borges, astonishing castles and a panoramic views that will leave you with an unforgettable emotion. The authentic and traditional kitchen with the typical Abruzzo products make for an exquisite round off of the territory. In this astonishing position The Baltic Hotel in collaboration with its partner the “Bici a nolo” will guide you to the discovery of this magnificent territory, with the availability of the best racing bicycles and mountain bikes of every size at a renting price that is an advantage, with cycling guides and a detailed map of all the possible courses for those who decide to live this adventure in solitude. Alternatively we also have professional guides that will accompany you for the adequate tour for every type of fitness level, considering also the “less trained” and making sure that the group remains united. With the objective in mind of allowing you to have a week of unforgettable memories.


Cycling Guides:

Professional cycling guides will accompany you and assist you in your chosen itinerary. If instead you are lovers of the individual excursion, our guides will give you optimal advise on the courses which are suitable to your requirements.

A Safe Depot :

The internal depot of the Hotel is extremely safe, it offers a wide space and is equipped for any mechanical interventions that may occur and for the maintenance of the bicycles. Furthermore it offers a washing area and available to you is a changing room with benches and small cupboards where you can prepare for your training session and leave your belonging in safe custody.

Immediate Accidental Services:

Immediate Accident services are available, we also have a recuperation bicycle service in the case of a fall or an accident. There is also a transfer service available from the station of Giulianova which is free and from the Pescara Airport (with participation of the expenses)

Buffet pre- and post-training:

A typical cyclist day consists of a rich breakfast based on fresh products which are delicious and low in calories and is served on the panoramic breakfast terrace of the Hotel which faces the pineta and the swimming pool. Furthermore there are filled sandwiches, bananas, water for your cycle and when you return a grand buffet of starters, tasty warm dishes, brochette, pasta, desserts, served on the border of the pool until 16h00.

Cyclist Itinerary:

The Baltic Hotel furnishes a variety of informative information, from the weather reports which are always updated to the detailed maps of the territory which are selected and divided according to their level of difficulty, starting from the simple walk to the semi-professional fitness level, with a technical description and in all the different languages.

Technical Assistance – Renting of bicycles :

During the excursion, the guides of the Hotel Baltic will provide you with a qualified technical assistance and will remain available to you for any request that you may have. Furthermore you may utilise the special conventions with specialized rental shops for all sizes of racing bicycles.

Fitness and massages:

Upon your return from every excursion we offer the possibility of a relaxing massage from our professional experts of our Oasi Relax which can be found in the pineta.

Washing and drying service:

Upon your return to the hotel we guarantee a fast and accurate wash of all your sport clothing and the drying of your shoes should they be wet by the rain.



The weekly programme is always rich with different new courses, which will allow you to live a different adventure everyday. Infact every evening in the bacheca you will find a notice of the excursion for the following day

Saturday: arrival and settling in the room, assembling on the bicycle or the receiving of the bicycle at the renting place, a brief excursion around Giulianova. At 18.00: A welcoming drink with the guides who will illustrate the programme and will equip you with the relative information of the courses that are available, including all the opportunities and advantages.

From Sunday to Friday… everyone in their riding seats! …ready to go, Lets go!!! Departure every day (excluding Wednesdays) at 9.30 to 2 enthusiastic courses of various levels of difficulty that will guide you into the wonderful discovery of the territory that will leave you overwhelmed and will test your limit. A delicious snack awaits you half way through the course on Mondays. Wednesday is a day of rest, independent excursions are available indicated by the guides or otherwise a trekking excursion on the Gran Sasso. Every Friday nights at 21.00 we all meet for photographs and prize giving.



We all know that when we are preparing to leave for an excursion by bicycle its disappointing having to wait for the less fit.! For this reason we have the division of two groups for each level of athletic preparation which consists of 15/20 cyclists, in this way it is easier to pick the right group for you in order for you to enjoy this marvellous sport..

Group "Borghi e castelli" For those who are lovers of the tradition, the history and the gastronomy of the Abruzzo taste we have a 60-70 kilometre course available daily…ideal for the less trained. Available is a visit to a typical factory where we offer a taste of the typical products such as oil, cheese and wine. In this group we offer mountain bikes and trekking bicycles.

Group "Pirati" For those who love bicycles as well as the nature and long walks we have 80-100 kilometre courses per day, this is for the those who have a higher level of fitness: every little mountain or up hill ha san intense rhythm allowing all the participants to remain together in the group!